Lean Yellow Belt for Healthcare

Lean training especially aimed at healthcare institutions. Presented by experienced Lean instructors who apply Lean Management on a practical basis in the healthcare sector.

Contents of this Lean training

During this 1-day Lean training course, we will present all the Lean tools and you will practice using them. Well-known Lean tools that we handle include:

  • Importance to patients and value flow
  • Wastes within the organisation
  • Healthcare process flow
  • Improvement sessions (Kaizens)
  • Optimisation and a neat workplace (5S)

Why a Yellow Belt for Healthcare?

“There are already many Lean training courses on offer. What is so special about this Lean training?” This training has been put together by a number of Lean instructors from renowned UK hospitals. They have combined the official theory with their practical Lean experience, resulting in one-of-a-kind multifaceted Lean basic training.
In brief again:

  • Official Lean basic training
  • Presented by instructors with much experience in healthcare
  • Practical examples from healthcare institutions
  • Improvements possible by the next day

Who can participate in this Lean Yellow Belt training?

This training is aimed at anyone in healthcare who – regardless of advance knowledge – would like to start improving operational processes using the Lean method.

Do you have any questions about this Lean basic training?

Please contact us by calling 020 3318 6463 or info@leansixsigmagroup.co.uk We will gladly get you started!

Official Lean Six Sigma training organisation

Lean Six Sigma Group is a training organisation accredited by the IASSC (International Association for Six Sigma Certification).
IASSC Accredited Training Organization

Instructors and Lean certification

You will receive thorough training from experienced Lean and Six Sigma Black Belt instructors. Following the training, you will receive an official Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt certificate. This will prove that you have mastered the basics of Lean and Six Sigma.

Required investment

Participation costs amount to £395 per person (exc. VAT). This includes all training materials, official Yellow Belt certificate and refreshments/lunch. We deliberately keep the costs of Yellow Belt training low so that we can offer everyone the opportunity to get to know this effective process improvement method.

Would you prefer in-company Yellow Belt training for healthcare?

We will exclusively gear the Yellow Belt content towards the specific situation within your healthcare institution.

No training courses are scheduled.