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With the right Lean Six Sigma training, you can improve your own operational processes. Our training courses vary from basic level courses to (highly) advanced courses.

Effective Lean Six Sigma training courses are compiled according to globally-recognised ASQ Standards. Only training that conforms to these standards can guarantee that you become familiar with all the most important tools offered by Lean Six Sigma.

Basic Lean Six Sigma training goes by the name Yellow Belt. Advanced users subsequently complete Green Belt training, while genuine professionals eventually earn their Black Belt.

A separate Lean Six Sigma training course, called Champion, is available for upper management.

Yellow Belt training: the basics of Lean Six Sigma

As part of your Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt training, you learn the basic principles of Lean Management and Six Sigma in a single day. In addition to this comprehensive basic knowledge, we take an in-depth look at the setup of a Lean Six Sigma (project-based) organisation, and we put the tools that you have discovered to practical use.

Green Belt training: Lean Six Sigma for project managers

Lean Six Sigma Green Belt training is ideal for prospective project managers. Over a period of 6 days, you practice using all the acquired tools and learn the corresponding theory. Afterwards, you conclude your Green Belt training by completing a theory and practical examination. Your Lean Six Sigma skills are then recognised on a global basis.

Black Belt training: the Lean Guru

Would you like to be the Lean standard-bearer in your organisation? Once you have completed your Black Belt, you will guide the Green and Yellow Belts in their execution of projects. They will approach you for your vision and for answers to questions! This 10-day course provides you with all the necessary knowledge about Lean Six Sigma, i.e. changes to organisations and processes.

Champion: Lean Six Sigma for upper management

Lean Six Sigma projects executed within your organisation require your guidance. As upper management, you will find out what you should expect from Lean Six Sigma project managers. During your Lean Six Sigma Champion training, you gain knowledge about the basics of Lean and Six Sigma. And, in particular, you learn about the role of effective management in Lean Six Sigma organisations.

Yellow Belt

Wed. 12 February 2020 in London

Wednesday 12 February 2020: Learn the basic principles of Lean Management and Six Sigma in one day and get certified as a Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt. Sign up now!

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