The Lean pilot: enthusiastic about improving processes

Would you like to improve a single process from start to finish with Lean Six Sigma? With a Lean Six Sigma pilot, you will experience the effects of Lean, and your employees will become excited about improving processes.

What exactly does a Lean Six Sigma pilot involve?

Over a short period of time (less than 8 weeks on average), we complete an entire Lean Six Sigma project in accordance with the standard Six Sigma project approach (DMAIC). In following these 5 steps, employees improve a process themselves under supervision and learn how to use the tools from the Lean Six Sigma toolbox.

Why a Lean Six Sigma pilot?

Many organisations have heard about Lean, but have never used it. They do not know what exactly it is and – in particular – whether it is suitable for them.

In such cases, the defined process improvement of a single department (e.g. financial administration) is an ideal first step towards an introduction to Lean. This method means that there is no immediate impact on the entire organisation.

4 good reasons for a pilot:

  • small group of employees
  • defined process
  • short runtime
  • quick results

If you would like to know more about a Lean Six Sigma Pilot, please contact us.