Lean Coaching, (on call) Lean Six Sigma support

Lean and Six Sigma is best learnt by applying it. By executing projects yourself and gaining experience. But at times, you might have questions:

  • have I gathered the right data
  • does my analysis add up
  • how do I present Lean training
  • which process is most in need of improvement
  • what communication resources are best to use
  • how do I ensure that Lean becomes part of my corporate culture

An experienced Black Belt can assist you when it comes to answering these and all other Lean Six Sigma questions. This can be done on the telephone or on-site on demand. Sometimes, organisations choose to involve an experienced Lean Six Sigma consultant in project team meetings.

Greater assurance with Lean Six Sigma coaching

An experienced Lean Six Sigma consultant at your side offers assurance. It is great to have someone with whom to brainstorm, especially if Lean Six Sigma is relatively new to you. This ensures that the right improvements are implemented and that projects are completed successfully.

If you have questions about our support, please contact us without any obligation