How can Lean consultancy most effectively be applied to your organisation?

Are you currently executing your first Lean Six Sigma project independently, or does your organisation have limited capacity when it comes to implementing Lean Six Sigma on its own?

Our experienced Black Belt consultants will gladly be of assistance. In consultation with you, they will determine what support you need in order to complete all projects successfully.

Process improvement with a Lean Six Sigma Pilot

Our Lean Six Sigma pilot is aimed at clearly illustrating how effective Lean Six Sigma can be in your organisation. Along with you, we will select a single process that we will improve using Lean Six Sigma.

After this pilot:

  • you will understand how Lean Six Sigma works and notice its positive effects
  • your employees will look forward to further progress
  • a less expensive and improved process will immediately be in place

Lean consultancy & projectmanagement

We tackle your Lean Six Sigma projects in conjunction with your employees. Our goal is to share knowledge and ensure that you can continue independently as soon as possible. We guide you through your initial projects and mainly play a coaching role in follow-up projects. And if your employees’ time is severely limited, our own Lean consultants will complete the projects on your behalf.

An experienced consultant as coach

Whenever you feel it is necessary, you can simply turn to an experienced Black Belt. Although you may already be executing projects independently, it is still useful to occasionally brainstorm with an experienced Lean consultant. And that is no problem for us whatsoever, because our consultants are on call!

Obligation-free advice

Would you like to know how we improve processes at organisations in the same sector as yours? Or are you curious about how Lean Six Sigma can best be applied to your organisation? Make an appointment for an obligation-free consultation with one of our experienced Lean Six Sigma consultants?


Would you like to tackle a single process using Lean Management in a short period of time? Then do it as a pilot project! Within a short timeframe, we will improve your process as well as introduce your organisation to Lean.



Our experienced Lean Six Sigma consultants will improve your processes and teach the methodology to your employees at the same time. This will allow you to improve subsequent processes yourself.



If you already use Lean Management or Lean Six Sigma but still have questions, our experienced Lean Six Sigma coaches are on call to support you.