Six Sigma Pilot

Would you like to tackle a single process using Lean Management in a short period of time? Then do it as a pilot project! Within a short timeframe, we will improve your process as well as introduce your organisation to Lean.

Lean Projectmanagement

Our experienced Lean Six Sigma consultants will improve your processes and teach the methodology to your employees at the same time. This will allow you to improve subsequent processes yourself.

Six Sigma Coaching

If you already use Lean Management or Lean Six Sigma but still have questions, our experienced Lean Six Sigma coaches are on call to support you.

‘During the establishment of our own Lean Academy, Lean Six Sigma Group gave us tremendous support thanks to their know-how and experience’

David Knowles, programme manager Leeds City Council

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Yellow BeltWed. 12 February 2020

Training courses

Why should I use Lean Six Sigma Group?

  • Thorough knowledge of Lean and Six Sigma
  • Integral approach that will allow you to apply Lean independently
  • Involves both the workforce and management
  • Fun and informative training